Group Buying aka Groupon Clones in Malaysia

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Well, China has 100+ Groupon clones (updates: 4500+ now!) and Malaysia is picking up as well on its own scale.

Group buying sites are popping out lately in Malaysia. It's a bit of deja-vu like many were attempting to build a local social network site some years back.

The barrier of entry though is relatively lower to build a group buying site, technically. If you are too lazy, just buy a groupon clone script from here or here.

It's the business itself that's far more challenging - signing up quality retailers who offer irresistible deals, and basically bridging the gap between (offline) retailers and online consumers.

Before losing count, here's a compilation of group buying sites in Malaysia. Do leave a comment if any is missing, so that I can append to this list. Thanks!

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And yeah, this is one of the reasons for my disappearance here. :)

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