Whale Done - Build Trust

This is the second episode and the most watched one among the self development videos that I uploaded to YouTube.

In short, it is about building relationship and trust by being sincere and honest, using killer whale training as an example.

Watch it if you have time to spare, or you can just skip to the selected excerpts after the video.

I think if you are not going to put 100% into somebody, if you are not 100% sincere and honest with him, they are not going to give anything back to you either.

So, I think it is important to always be honest and sincere, and if you give 100% they will give 100% back.

So the foundation for building relationships is building trust, and for you and me that means when we are working with people, we have to be sincere and honest.

We have to do our best to make sure our words and actions do no harm.

Remember, when you criticize a person's performance, you harmed the relationship, keep it up and you poison the relationship.

And we have to have the patience, and invest the time it takes to really earn the trust of the people we work with.

If we can do that, believe me some really amazing connections can happen.

Personally, I still prefer the Stephen Covey's Trim Tab video though. Watch it if you haven't done so, it's worth your time. :)

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