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Again no, not the blogshop. If you are currently selling on blog, eBay, Lelong or forum, you might want to explore Trosworld to setup your own branded store for free. At the very least your customers will be able to navigate and browse all your offerings with ease.

A little bit on the background, Trosworld was just being officially launched about 1-2 months ago. This year is no doubt the year of e-commerce SaaS in Malaysia, with the launches of webShaper, and now Trosworld. And I bet there are a few more out there.
Coming back to the free offering, it's really free where you will get basic e-commerce features like manage product, configure look & feel, setup manual payment channel etc. One thing to take note as your store will be parked under

Once you are ready to have your own branded domain or you are getting more serious as an online seller, you can upgrade to their premium package priced at RM 365 per year (current promotional price: RM 198 per year).

You can click and enlarge the following screen capture to check out the premium features (left-bottom):

Trosworld's Administrative Tools

One thing has to be said that Trosworld's administrative functions are quite easy to use. Even if you are not the everyday-internet-user, you don't need to refer to a user manual to setup or operate your store. They keep it so simple that even pakcik or makcik can start to sell online.

Other than that, Trosworld also offers a marketplace consolidating all the products offered by the registered merchants. At the time of writing, more than 3,000 products are offered by over 400 online shops. However, I guess it's quite a challenge for users to know what they should look for, and whether the queries return any (or desired) results.

Still, kudos to Trosworld for braving themselves with the freemium model to help stimulate e-commerce growth in Malaysia. Personally, I am impressed at how they get this far within months and of course, there are always rooms for improvement since the platform is still young (and so are their team).

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