An Inconvenient Shopping Experience at

Note: Read the end of this post for latest update. started off years ago as an online book retailer in Malaysia and Singapore. Since not long ago, flowers and beauty products are being introduced, as well as shipping to the rest of Asia, Europe, Americas and even Africa!

Their catalog is quite extensive by Malaysia's standard, but personally I am not very impressed with their pricing. Take this book for example, which they are selling at RM 109.16 after "20% discount".

Breaking: PayPal in Ringgit Malaysia!

Well, not really a breaking one if you have noticed the policy updates in your PayPal account.

For those uninitiated, PayPal has just introduced new currencies which included Philipino Peso, Taiwanese Dollar, Thai Baht, Argentinean Peso, Brazilian Reais and yes, Malaysian Ringgit! Nothing official from PayPal yet but if you have a PayPal account, you will be able to check the policy updates as below:

PayPal's policy updates on Ringgit Malaysia

My Twitter Compilation

Years ago, the first thing up and running on my computer was the internet browser. Months ago, it was the feed reader - FeedDemon. Now, the first thing I read up every morning is tweets arriving at my TweetDeck.

Yes, you can say that I am addicted to Twitter. However, I am not a serial poster but enjoy observing updates within my circle of interest. I do tweet occasionally (when geekness kick in) and here are some of my selected tweets.

Malaysia's Gobbledygook Award

Oh jeez, not another flexible, scalable, groundbreaking, industry-standard, cutting-edge product from a market-leading, well positioned company!

How many times have you came across these in web sites or press releases? I guess it's a common sight especially when you are reading some product or company write-ups.

Let's have some fun here. I just did a quick search on local IT companies and I think these deserve to be in the shortlist of Malaysia's Gobbledygook Award. Drum roll...

Setup Your Online Store For Free

Again no, not the blogshop. If you are currently selling on blog, eBay, Lelong or forum, you might want to explore Trosworld to setup your own branded store for free. At the very least your customers will be able to navigate and browse all your offerings with ease.

A little bit on the background, Trosworld was just being officially launched about 1-2 months ago. This year is no doubt the year of e-commerce SaaS in Malaysia, with the launches of webShaper, and now Trosworld. And I bet there are a few more out there.

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