Wanna Get a Free Paypal Bag?

That is, if you sign-up an e-commerce store with webShaper.

Get an Authentic PayPal Crumpler-Style Bag for Free!

How much is it? RM 1 per day or RM 365 per year for a miniStore, inclusive of domain and e-commerce hosting fees.

This is certainly attractive to many blogshops out there to upgrade themselves to "professional sellers". Come to think of it, I personally dislike browsing at most of the blogshops because I have to keep on scrolling up and down, and most are without credit card payment facilities.
But don't get me wrong, blog is no doubt a good platform for individual sellers to taste selling online, besides Lelong, eBay etc.

Yet, the risk is so low (and cheap) to migrate over to a real e-commerce store. You can track and fulfill your order systematically, keep a database of your customers and of course have your own brand as the domain name. When you are ready to go bigger, just upgrade to a sohoStore or bizStore.

Yes, operating an online store is relatively low cost if compared to brick and mortars thus some are taking it easy. You gotta have the same (if not more) passion, effort and commitment to your online business. If you are one, stay tuned and share with Malaysia Crunch for more updates and tips on selling online!

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