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UPDATE: This post has been edited to hide "sensitive" FACTS. This is the best I can do after being asked to remove this post, not by direct contact but instead via a messenger. I have to stress that I wrote about facts (at the time of writing) and looks like someone needs to pick up social media 101.

Looks like there is a new e-commerce player in town, a SaaS one like webShaper by Neowave.

A little bit on the background, is the brainchild of For introduction to this latest "4th generation e-commerce solution", check out the powerful video below:

Impressive huh? Didn't watch? Let me summarize some of the highlights here:

First in the world, most advanced cross-selling engine.

Breakthrough in technology.

Change in the entire industry.

Transformation of Asia's e-commerce industry.

By 2011, we target to build our business into the largest e-commerce empire in Asia:
- with a business network of 2 million merchants.
- process up to 30 million monthly transactions volume.
- which values over USD 2.5 billion.
- aim to achieve USD 1 billion profit yearly.
- establish more than 3 million career opportunities in Asia.
- land our footprint in 25 countries, starting from Asia.
Now, watch it again if you didn't :P

Next: - E-Commerce 4.0? (on a more serious note)

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