Malaysia Crunch is 1 Year Old!

How fast time flies! I started Malaysia Crunch a year ago with the intention of sharing my research and observations, and hopefully connect to people with similar interest.

The blogging experience has been satisfying, with people visiting, commenting and subscribing to this blog. The more exciting part of the experience though, is to meet people ranging from various backgrounds related to the IT industry.

The thing is, I don't think that I can truly understand (technically) and experience social media without this particular blogging experience. - E-Commerce 4.0?

Continued from - Smile Everyday?

You must be wondering how they define E-Commerce 4.0, right? - Smile Everyday?

UPDATE: This post has been edited to hide "sensitive" FACTS. This is the best I can do after being asked to remove this post, not by direct contact but instead via a messenger. I have to stress that I wrote about facts (at the time of writing) and looks like someone needs to pick up social media 101.

Looks like there is a new e-commerce player in town, a SaaS one like webShaper by Neowave.

A little bit on the background, is the brainchild of For introduction to this latest "4th generation e-commerce solution", check out the powerful video below:

Stephen Covey: Trim Tab

To be frank, I am not a big fan of Stephen R. Covey or personal development books in general. I just stop reading at the first few pages of his seven habits book. Personally, I very much prefer books like these.

Until recently, I have came across some training materials of a local corporate. I have to admit that to my own surprise, I enjoy most of those personal development videos. This is the first one I wish to share with you all.

Top Mobile Sites in Malaysia

Opera has provided an useful benchmark on popular mobile destinations in Malaysia as well as other selected countries, via the State of the Mobile Web, May 2009 report. Malaysia enjoys a growth rate (as in unique users) of 249.6% since May 2008, third highest in Southeast Asia after Vietnam and Philippines.

Top sites ranked by unique users

Comparing to the report in Oct 2008, is a new entry in this recent report while the sole local site has dropped out from the top 10 list. If you look into Southeast Asia region, Malaysia is the only country without a local site in the top tens among countries like Indonesia, Vietnam, Philippines, Thailand, Singapore and even Brunei.

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