Slide: Asian Youth, Social Media and Music

Allow me for a Che Det-ish posting here:

1. The world population currently stands at 6.77 billion, with 4 billion or 60% of them are from Asia.

2. The world total internet users currently stands at 1.6 billion, with 660 million or 40% of them are from Asia.

3. Asia's internet penetration rate currently stands at 17.4%, the second lowest region after Africa. The world's average is 23.8%.

4. It shows that the Asia's (internet) market is so huge, yet with so much potential and room for growth.

5. 10% of MySpace, 16% of Facebook, and 88% of Friendster users are from Asia.

6. The average number of friends youth in Asia have is 107, consist of 13 close friends, 50 offline friends and 44 online friends.

7. The average number of friends youth in Malaysia have is 169, consist of 21 close friends, 94 offline friends and 54 online friends.

8. Malaysian has the second highest number of friends in this region (after Thailand), looks like viral marketing could be pretty efficient here (generally).

9. Youth in Asia and Malaysia joins 4 social network sites in average. That would most probably be the two big F's and the rest, in most parts of the region.

10. 95% of Malaysian like western music, the highest among 12 Asian countries surveyed.

11. Only 64% of Malaysian like local music, the lowest among 12 Asian countries surveyed.

12. Who to blame? The local music industry, pirated "ecosystem", or the multi-language competency of Malaysian?

13. Roughly 35% of Malaysian bought a CD in a store, 16% paid to download music, and 69% didn't pay to download music.

14. However, 62% of Malaysian downloaded music to phone, the third highest after China and Vietnam among the 12 Asian markets. Mobile content market in Malaysia is quite decent it seems.

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