Has Facebook Beaten Friendster in Malaysia and Asia?

How fast things change, Facebook seems to be no.1 in Malaysia already since I last posted 5 months ago (while Friendster was still leading).

Proof? Alexa. Facebook has moved up from no.8 to no.5, whereas Friendster has dropped from top 3 to no.7.

However, Friendster is still leading in terms of web searches. This is probably contributed by heavy searches such as "Friendster layouts" for teens who like to decorate their mini-hompy (pardon my Korean slang here).

How many active Facebook users now?

It used to be 800,000 last December, now it is close to 1.3 million active users in Malaysia. This is about 0.67% in the global pie and 4.5% of our population. Still plenty of room to grow, if you ask me.

Facebook User Statistics in Malaysia

Talking about room to grow, it would be the age group of 17 or below. Grasping that from Friendster, Facebook will become undisputed king in Malaysia.

King in Asia?

Not us, Indonesia it is, and I did predict that they will displace us as no.1 in Southeast Asia thanks to the translation crowdsourcing effort. Now, they have even gone a step further by having the most active Facebook users in Asia. We are no.4 in Asia apparently.

The growth rate in Indonesia is so impressive that they are the world fastest growing's recently. Philippines is also growing very, very fast. Friendster has already lost to Facebook in Indonesia, will the same happen in the Friendster-mad country, or should I say when?

Facebook User Statistics in Asia

If you are keen on regional numbers, check out Facebook Demographic Trends by O'Reilly Media.

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