Top Web / Mobile Browsers in Malaysia

Have you been wondering what are the most used browsers (on web and mobile) in Malaysia? StatCounter does provide an useful reference to this with its sampling method as the following:

Stats are based on aggregate data collected by StatCounter on a sample exceeding 4 billion pageviews per month collected from across the StatCounter network of more than 3 million websites.

Top 5 Browsers in Malaysia (2008 ~ 2009)

Top 5 browsers in Malaysia

1. IE (58.72%)
2. Firefox (36.91%)
3. Chrome (1.68%)
4. Opera (1.35%)
5. Safari (1.12%)

Top 5 Browser Versions in Malaysia (2008 ~ 2009)

Top 5 browser versions in Malaysia

1. IE 7.0 (32.90%)
2. Firefox 3.0 (27.68%)
3. IE 6.0 (24.85%)
4. Firefox 2.0 (8.13%)
5. Chrome 1.0 (1.22%)

Top 5 Mobile Browsers in Malaysia (2008 ~ 2009)

Top 5 mobile browsers in Malaysia

1. Nokia (39.58%)
2. Opera (19.83%)
3. Openwave (16.74%)
4. Sony Ericsson (12.91%)
5. iPhone (4.67%)

No surprise on the big two's monopoly in the big screens though it is certainly more competitive in the mobile's arena. On top is the default browser shipped with Nokia models, built upon S60WebKit which is a port of the open source WebKit project Apple uses in its Safari browser. This also justifies Nokia's position as the top mobile phone brand in Malaysia.

Opera does fare much better on mobile compared to its web browser, seeing its Opera Mini gaining momentum as a good alternative to those shipped with phone manufacturers. I have personally ditched Nokia browser over Opera Mini due to its performance as well as its small screen rendering technology.

If you are interested, you can also check out what are the operating system and search engine Malaysians favour on both big and small screens at StatCounter.

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