Now Everyone Can Sell Online

No, not the blogshop. Neowave - one of the major e-commerce software vendors in Malaysia, has just introduced webShaper bizStore, which modeled upon Software as a Service (SaaS).

This is an interesting development of local software companies adapting SaaS model to deliver their products or services over the web.

webShaper bizStore promotion

Taking advantage of SaaS (multi-tenant architecture), potential sellers need only to pay RM 199 monthly (current promotion price at RM 150) to setup a online shop with their own branded domain name.

As comparison, Neowave's existing flagship product - webShaper e-commerce is available for USD 799 per license (single website) and you still need to fork out more than RM 100 monthly for domain and hosting fees.

Of course, you might argue that webShaper e-commerce might have more features, among other things, than its SaaS version. But, webShaper bizStore is hassle-free in terms of implementation plus continuous software maintenance and new features update. This seems to be a more viable option for blogshop-turns-professional and SMBs.

Let's keep an eye on whether SaaS for e-commerce will contribute on stimulating e-commerce growth in Malaysia, after the Air Asia's wave.

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