Slide: Malaysian Youth's Top Brands

Remember YouthSays? They have recently conducted a survey sampling 10,280 young Malaysians on what brands being consumed. Well, YouthSays is generous enough to share the data with us in the following slide:

Here are the top brands in selected categories:

Mobile Phone:
1. Nokia (70%)
2. Sony Ericsson (51%)
3. Motorola (17%)

PC / Laptops:
1. Acer (40%)
2. Dell (25%)
3. Compaq (23%)

Mobile Phone Operator:
1. Maxis (68%)
2. Celcom (44%)
3. Digi (29%)

No surprises really, and it does concur with the perception that majority of Celcom subscribers are Malays, Digi is more popular among Chinese while Maxis subscribers are quite well balanced in terms of demographics.

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