Najib in Computing Terms

I came across this humorous opinion through TechXii, a local technology blog in Chinese. If we are to map recent and upcoming Prime Ministers of Malaysia to MS Windows version, how would it be?

Mahathir is like Windows 95...
Windows 95 is considered being a revolutionary upgrade from Windows 3.1x.

Pak Lah is like Windows 98...
Although Windows 98 is not without shortcomings, especially the Blue Screen of Death, it is still an improvement.

Najib is like Windows ME...
Cosmetic improvement over the predecessor, short shelf life.

Many have observed that Najib is a practitioner of Mahathirism. The PM-in-waiting has allegedly flexing his muscles on certain agendas already, from Raja Petra's ISA detention, confiscation of opposition publications, political turmoil in Perak to the latest key posts appointment at local media conglomerates.

Perhaps he will be able to push it to another level - Mahathirism 2.0, soon after being installed as the PM in next month. Efforts on "upgrading" elements such as media control & censorship, repression of political opponents, judiciary control & interference, seems to be undergoing already. Let's keep our fingers crossed, that there will be no "downgrading" on national economy and social development, regulation and governance.

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