Najib in Computing Terms

I came across this humorous opinion through TechXii, a local technology blog in Chinese. If we are to map recent and upcoming Prime Ministers of Malaysia to MS Windows version, how would it be?

Mahathir is like Windows 95...
Windows 95 is considered being a revolutionary upgrade from Windows 3.1x.

Pak Lah is like Windows 98...
Although Windows 98 is not without shortcomings, especially the Blue Screen of Death, it is still an improvement.

Najib is like Windows ME...
Cosmetic improvement over the predecessor, short shelf life.

Slide: Malaysian Youth's Top Brands

Remember YouthSays? They have recently conducted a survey sampling 10,280 young Malaysians on what brands being consumed. Well, YouthSays is generous enough to share the data with us in the following slide:

Free Mobile Internet by Maxis?

Yes, you heard it right, sort of. Maxis is now offering free mobile internet, but it's only 1 month free trial for "selected customers only". The free trial is also only limited to the 1MB package, which they are currently charging RM5 monthly.

Maxis Mobile Internet Free Trial

Personally, I am not getting too excited by this offering. I was, and still looking forward to really attractive flat rate data plans. Be it from any telco, I don't mind doing a party-hopping without millions on the table, oops I mean MNP.

Bidding on Branded Keyword in Google Adwords

If you have noticed, Mudah (Malaysia's fast-rising eMarketplace) is aggressively buying a whole lot of keywords in Google Adwords. This could be the main reason why they are one of the most visited sites in Malaysia within a few months of launching.

For example, when you google keywords like nikon, samsung or proton, Mudah's advertisement will appear in the search results page. Not only that, they even bid on their competitors' brand identity.

Google Search by Ebay Showing Mudah Ads
Google Search by Lelong Showing Mudah Ads

Startups - How to Split Founders' Equity?

Imagine if you are in a founding team of four, how do you split the founders' pie? Example of a scenario might be dividing it equally, just to be "fair". However, almost certainly one of the founders must be thinking, 25% is too little, or "why the other guy deserves 25%?".

In this scenario, you would have just hide your feelings thinking that this issue is too sensitive to bring up. Also, founders might have taking this too lightly as there is not much value or liquidity in the equity yet.

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