Red Herring Top 100 Asia Startups

Red Herring (a global media company) has announced its 100 winners of the Red Herring Asia 2008 award. What is the selection criteria?

For 10 years, the Red Herring's editorial team has diligently surveyed entrepreneurship around the globe. Technology industry executives, investors, and observers have regarded the Red Herring 100 lists as an invaluable instrument to discover and advocate the promising startups that will lead the next wave of disruption and innovation.

Convincing? You can judge for yourself. Nevertheless, let's find out which Malaysian companies are "diligently" selected.

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Top 100 Winners

Multimedia Display Technologies Sdn Bhd - solution provider and consulting firm in the fields of advance display technologies.

Pulse Group - research process outsourcing company.

Speedminer - specialized in data warehouse and business performance management.

Top 200 Finalists

Britesoft Solutions - provides application development platform that requires no coding.

Clarify Consulting Sdn Bhd - business intelligence and data management solution provider.

Cworks System Berhad - specialized in computerized maintenance management system (CMMS).

Eighth Innovation Sdn Bhd - ? - Malaysia's no.1 property and real estate website.

iSentric Sdn Bhd - mobile business solution provider.

MobilityOne - provides e-commerce infrastructure payment solutions and platforms.

TechnoDex - professional open source service provider.

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