Malaysia's Top eCommerce Sites

By looking at Malaysia's E-Commerce Habits, it is not difficult to guess that local eCommerce acceptance is being stimulated with the emergence of Air Asia. Where do Malaysians spend? Without any outright statistics, let's find out the top sites (with high local traffic) in each category.

Auction & Shopping


Lelong (Alexa rank in Malaysia: 45)
eBay Malaysia (64)

We only have one obvious local player with eBay-like auction model, other than eBay itself. Lelong has been around since 2000 and claims to have 1 million visitors per month. Strangely, it also has a Facebook-like social network site.

Shopping Mall


MoreSales (Alexa rank in Malaysia: 1,761)
AcmaMall (9,504)
JCPenney Malaysia (28,994)

Local players are quite pathetic in this arena, and I personally would be very happy indeed if Amazon has a local presence. Perhaps, AcmaMall is trying to copy Amazon's business model which diversified from online bookstore. Anyway, I guess it is not very conclusive to include AcmaMall and JCPenney in this category as both of them do not serve wide range of products yet.

Specialty Store (Alexa rank in Malaysia: 1,665)
Sony Style Malaysia (1,700)
Ann Yee (5,339)

Compared to shopping mall, specialty stores only focus on certain product segment. Sites selling electronics, apparels and baby related items are quite popular in Malaysia. For some reasons, books and gifts are excluded from this category and being isolated in the following.


MPH Online

MPH Online (Alexa rank in Malaysia: 870)
Kinokuniya Bookweb (2,520)
Kinibooks (8,062)

Book is one of the popular item Malaysians buy online and I am quite surprise that Borders does not have a local online store. Equally surprising is the reluctance of Popular to provide online shopping facilities even though they have just "relaunched" their site recently. Perhaps, online sales channel might just contribute a fraction of their overall revenue but still, it is a waste not to utilize their highly visited site (Alexa rank in Malaysia: 4,975).

Giftshop (Alexa rank in Malaysia: 5,002)
Blooming Florist (6,833)
HeartBeat (8,943)

Blooming Florist is quite well known locally being one of the first-movers in local eCommerce scene. However, it has been challenged by other players in this crowded and competitive industry. Second-mover advantage?


Clothes For Fun
Clothes For Fun (Alexa rank in Malaysia: 7,288)
A Model Studio (8,204)
Shopaholics Unite! (9,106)

This is even a more crowded field with lots of blogshops growing like mushroom recently, along with the emergence of Web 2.0. It seems that (women) apparel and accessories are the things to sell and attract in blogshops.

Travel Service

Air Asia

Air Asia (Alexa rank in Malaysia: 34)
Malaysia Airlines (121)

Last but not least, we have the biggest stimulator of local eCommerce activities. Air Asia especially started of with internet being their major sales channel. It is no doubt that air ticket is the top item Malaysians are buying online so far.

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