Malaysia's Digital Media Consumption Statistics

This post is summarized from the Nielsen Global Online Consumer Survey on entertainment media usage. The sampling is based on 26,000 online users from 52 countries, with 500 Malaysians involved. In this survey, digital media includes video (movie, TV show, music video, short video), audio and video game.

How do Malaysians fare?

- Rank #5 in digital media consuming nation. (5 from Asia Pacific are in the top 10 - Philippines, China, Vietnam, Thailand and Malaysia.)
- Rank #7 or 53% having streamed digital media in the past month.
- Rank #9 or 41% having downloaded digital media in the past month.
- Rank #3 in spending over 20 hours a week watching streamed or downloaded content from the Internet.

On media type, most streamed content is music track followed by music video and short video clips (thanks to YouTube). While most downloaded content is also music track, but movie and music video are 2nd and 3rd respectively.

Digital Media Consumption in Malaysia

Another interesting finding is the battle between TV and PC. According to the survey, PC ownership in Malaysia is reported to be 87%, just 2% behind TV's. That is quite far from 44% reported by Pikom though. However, PC's usage is more than TV's, at 85% versus 77%.

With so much of entertainment media consumption, I wonder how much time Malaysians spend on reading?

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