Online Music: Down But Not Out?

Hypptunes Down

Hypptunes is down. It is a sad scene isn't it? TM Net, our no.1 ISP with all their will and power can only sell 40 songs per month? Selling music online LEGALLY in Malaysia is still a big, big question mark.

Let's check out who are the local major players...

Another Facebook Clone?

China has one, Germany has one, but not without controversies...

Here comes our very own clone, MyPal:


Not exactly an identical clone. Obvious thing missing is the application platform, which is mainly the success criteria of Facebook. I am not sure what is Lelong's intention on launching this recently (July '08), without any sort of interactivity between this clone and its famous online auction site.

Malaysia's Equivalents of Western Giants

Malaysia's netizens are used to Western (English) web services because there is no language barrier. May be this explains why there is not much local player in our internet scene. Well, that is a hopeful thought at least. Nevertheless, I am going to list down Malaysia's equivalents (or wannabes) of international web services.

Top Malaysian Sites

From my previous post, not even a single local web service is in the top 10. Let's look further down the list and compile our very own Malaysia's Top 14:

  1. (No. 13 in Top Sites Malaysia)
  2. (No. 14)
  3. The Star Online (No. 16)
  4. Utusan Online (No. 18)
  5. Cari Malaysia (No. 19)
  6. (No. 21)
  7. (No. 23)
  8. (No. 26)
  9. Malaysia Today (No. 28)
  10. (No. 32)
  11. (No. 33)
  12. (No. 37)
  13. (No. 38)
  14. AirAsia Berhad (No. 41)

50% of the list above are news (perhaps politics-oriented) sites. Surprisingly, manages to overtake despite just being launched this year.

Top Sites in Malaysia

As of July 2008, following are the top (most visited) sites in Malaysia, courtesy of Alexa:

  1. Yahoo
  3. Friendster
  4. YouTube
  5. Google
  7. Windows Live
  8. Facebook
  9. Microsoft Network (MSN)
  10. Myspace

Sense something there? Yeah, 5 out of top 10 sites in Malaysia are social network service provider. It is definitely hitting Malaysia hard, the rise of mass social media.

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