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Looking for best hotel deals? is offering one-stop service for you, by aggregating the best deals from top travel sites, wholesale online travel companies, travel agents and hotels. In short, it is a hotel (price) comparison service.

Does the branding looks familiar to you? No, it's not affiliated: is not Air Asia's

Branding aside, let's try to explore the service a little bit in which it claims to be as easy as 1-2-3! Well, the simplicity on its front page certainly gave me the impression of good web usability. Hmmm... let's start searching for hotel deals in Petaling Jaya:

Hotel deals in Petaling Jaya?

Did I just enter the full phrase "Petaling Jaya"? What? The computer didn't understand me?

Multiple matches?

The computer did understand me eventually, after I reconfirm that I was looking for Petaling Jaya, not Seberang Jaya, Subang Jaya or some place in Indonesia.

All hotel deals in Petaling Jaya

Now, this is a pretty decent and clean result page, listing all the hotels around Petaling Jaya and respective prices offered by various sources. Up to this point, I was actually thinking that, this is quite an impressive made-in-Malaysia web service!

However, I began to feel more familiar with this web interface the longer I looked at it. Yes, I have seen the similarities somewhere else. Click the following image to enlarge it, and you will know what I mean... looks similar with Hotels Combined & Hotels Bot!

Identical triplets? And maybe, quadruplets or more...
Identical Triplets!
(Image Source)

Guess what, does share the same features and contents with two foreign services, namely Hotels Combined and Hotels Bot. Most likely they are even on the same application platform, just being branded respectively.

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Nobody knows how popular will become in the future. Personally, I am not getting too excited on cloning or localization effort like this.

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