Malaysia's Internet Startups

One of the benchmark for improving Malaysia's IT industry competitiveness is the quality of our local internet ventures. Of course, we are still light years behind Silicon Valley but there are still a few sparks among our local ventures.

WebWatch Malaysia does provide a short list of local internet ventures. I guess it is fair to say that only three companies made it into international (or at least regional) scene up to this moment. Coincidentally, this trio also appeared in TechCrunch news, not all of them being reported positively though.

MindValley Logo

MindValley: Part idea incubator, part personal development new media network.
Presences: International.
Malaysianess: Co-founded by ex-Silicon Valleyers (not Malaysians though) with offices / labs in US and Malaysia.
@TechCrunch: Profile - BlinkList (2005)

Nuffnang Logo

Nuffnang: Asian first blog advertising community.
Presences: Malaysia, Singapore, Philippines.
Malaysianess: Co-founded by a Malaysian and a Singaporean with offices in Malaysia, Singapore and Philippines.

Advertlets Logo

Advertlets: Blog advertising network, Nuffnang's competitor.
Presences: Malaysia, Singapore.
Malaysianess: Founded by a Malaysian.
Bad press: Anti-Advertlets

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