Malaysian in Google US?

Have you been wondering whether is there any Malaysian working in Google? The Malaysia based country consultant is quite publicized but I guess not many are aware of this US based chap, Colin Wong.

Colin Wong

As promised, here are some of the quick facts about him:

- Was born in Batu Gajah, somewhere near Ipoh.
- Earned a scholarship at The University of Texas at Arlington and graduated there in 1996.
- Started his career in United States, notably in CRM field.
- Joined Google's Sales Engineering Group at Silicon Valley in 2002.
- Managed many of Google's largest AdSense and AdWords customers.
- Left Google in 2006 and founded Prosperati, a venture capital company.
- Became the CEO of ZoeCity in late 2007, a new internet startup company based in Seattle.

His latest baby, ZoeCity aims to become the premier and "safe" Christian social network. It also provides white label solutions enabling churches, music artists and organizations to build and customize their own social networks.


Following is an interesting quote from him, on changing jobs during the dotcom bust in 2001:

Google… was a start-up company at the very bottom of the dotcom economy. Everyone was avoiding start-up companies. Half my friends had been laid off and my wife was seven months pregnant. But my wife said, 'Do it' and that changed my life completely.

So, what economic crisis? Moral of the story, there are always opportunities even in the toughest times. ;)

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