Become Your Own Interior Designer with IKEA

IKEA Malaysia website has been launched for some time now. It is good to see that IKEA is localizing their presence in each countries, rather than just having one international site with multi-language to serve all markets.

If you are not an interior designer, you can try out the IKEA Home Planner software (download here, Mac OS is not supported though). Look at what I have got here for my dream workspace:

IKEA Home Planner Design

All the furnitures and fittings are from IKEA, for RM 7,388:

IKEA Home Planner Cost

This is worth a try if you have just got yourself a new house and don't have extra money for interior design service. Don't blame IKEA for the outcome though, haha! Alternatively, you can try MyDesignIn if you don't want to limit the brands to IKEA, it is still in beta though. On another hand, watch out for our very own local player UrekaLabs with their interior design solution, which is still under development currently.

By the way, IKEA's survey says that Cheras residents might be the most romantic people in Malaysia. Maybe, just maybe, Kuantan folks have something to say about that.

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