10 Interesting Facts About Google

Perhaps some of you have read a few version on this, for example here. I did come across an "alternative" version from Sin Chew Daily, which I am not sure where it is quoted from. Since similar resource couldn't be located online, I will translate it to English here.

1. Swedish fish is the first (on the list) take-away snacks Google orders to its office.

Swedish fish

2. Google celebrates Halloween every year in the office. The funniest dress-up was lava lamp in 2007, which I can't visualize how it looks like though.

Google lava lamp

3. There are no restrictions on Googlers dress code in the office, in which pajama, ugly sweater and even super hero costume were on the records.

Superhero costumes

4. The youngest Google employee was 7 years old. (Not sure about this, the only thing searchable from the web was a 15 years old.

5. Google publishes variety of logos commemorating holidays and events. The first one on the books being a self-made "Burning Man" logo by the founders themselves.

Google burning man

6. The first real person who was named after "Google" was a Lebanese with the full name of Oliver Google Kai. He is now three years old and owns a website(!?), which is probably run by his father Walid Elias Kai, a vertical search marketing consultant.

Oliver Google Kai

7. Google products appear in 117 type of languages, including 5 "fake" languages like Elmer Fudd and Swedish Chef. Spanish, German, French and Japanese are the most used search language besides English.

Elmer Fudd

8. Thinking of working in Google? Well, think again if you can't answer their mysterious and challenging puzzles. Google setup a billboard in Silicon Valley by 2004, stating "First 10 digit prime in consecutive digits of e". Geeks who got the hint would have visited http://www.7427466391.com/ (which is not available now) with further puzzles to be solved before they were recruited.

Google billboard

9. "Teaching is like learning again". Since 2000, Google encourage teaching and learning activities among its employees, from the subject of learning Chinese to Ulysses from Greek mythology.

10. Google has a tradition of perpetrating April Fools' Day hoaxes. In 2008 alone, 16 hoaxes are created by Google worldwide. The most memorable one though was the Google TiSP (short for Toilet Internet Service Provider) in 2007.

Google TiSP

Footnote: Quoted, translated and modified from "谷歌10大趣闻" on Sin Chew New Media (星洲日报 - 新媒体) dated 8/10/2008.

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