An Introduction to Google OpenSocial

Remember Sun Java's tag line "Write once, run anywhere"? Google has introduced similar concept to their social platform, OpenSocial. Developers write social application on top of the social platform, which is hosted on major social network sites.
Google OpenSocial Logo
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Which social network sites contain OpenSocial? Click here for an impressive list of OpenSocial SNS containers.

If we are talking the big three in Malaysia, Friendster and Myspace are in the picture. On another hand, you are forced into the walled garden of Facebook, which also fancies PHP-oriented developers. OpenSocial only requires developers to be equipped with XML, HTML and JavaScript.

Book: Don't Make Me Think!

If there is only one book you need to read on web design and usability, this is a must read for you. It is basically a "common sense" book that even your girlfriend or wife can understand most of it.

Don't Make Me Think!

Why "Don't Make Me Think!"?

Become Your Own Interior Designer with IKEA

IKEA Malaysia website has been launched for some time now. It is good to see that IKEA is localizing their presence in each countries, rather than just having one international site with multi-language to serve all markets.

If you are not an interior designer, you can try out the IKEA Home Planner software (download here, Mac OS is not supported though). Look at what I have got here for my dream workspace:

IKEA Home Planner Design

10 Interesting Facts About Google

Perhaps some of you have read a few version on this, for example here. I did come across an "alternative" version from Sin Chew Daily, which I am not sure where it is quoted from. Since similar resource couldn't be located online, I will translate it to English here.

1. Swedish fish is the first (on the list) take-away snacks Google orders to its office.

Swedish fish

2. Google celebrates Halloween every year in the office. The funniest dress-up was lava lamp in 2007, which I can't visualize how it looks like though.

Google lava lamp

3. There are no restrictions on Googlers dress code in the office, in which pajama, ugly sweater and even super hero costume were on the records.

Superhero costumes

Slide: World's Best Presentation Contest

Shit at MS PowerPoint slides? Lack of design creativity? Running out of ideas?

For reasons above, do drop by at SlideShare for some eye openers if you haven't done so. They have announced the list of winners recently, voted by users and reputable judges which includes Guy Kawasaki.

The best slide of the world in 2008 goes to:

Mobile Social Network


Mobage Town Japan

While Mixi is the leader in PC SNS, Mobage Town is Japan's no.1 Mobile SNS. Mobage Town is a huge success in mobile-oriented Japan which enables community-driven activities via mobile. Their "killer-app" is the wide range of free games which build up the initial user base.

Rolled out in February 2006, around 9 (or 11) million subscribers.

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