Will Google Come to Malaysia?

With the advent of High Speed Broadband (HSBB), Malaysian can finally look forward (fingers crossed) to better technology infrastructure.

HSBB is a premium broadband service with speeds of 10Mbps (Megabits per seconds) to 100 Mbps for residential customers and up to 1Gbps (Gigabits per seconds) for businesses for high economic impact areas delivered via fibre optic infrastructure. (Source)

We all hope that this will become one of the key attraction for major technology companies like Google to step their foot in Malaysia, which is being rumoured since early this year.

Google Malaysia Logo

Google Office

Rumours #1: In Asia, Google has offices in Australia, China, Hong Kong, India, Japan, Korea, Singapore and Taiwan. Currently, we only have one country consultant (Hanson Toh), who works in a SOHO mode.

Google Data Center

Rumours #2: Google has 36 data centers around the world, 3 in Asia, namely Beijing, Hong Kong and Tokyo. Potential new data centers in Asia could be located in Taiwan or Malaysia.

Google Data Center

Google Acquisition

Korea's blog specialty company, TNC (Tatter and Company) is rumoured to be the first major Asian company to be acquired by Google. This could be Google's strategy to penetrate the world 6th largest market in terms of internet users, in which it is just a minnow now.

However, Tonchidot (with mobile social tagging product) from Japan has already said no to any possible Google acquisition, never! haha!


It will be a giant step forward for any of our local internet startups to be shortlisted in TechCrunch50, let alone being acquired by Google!

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