The Google Alphabet, Malaysian Edition?

Google Suggest has graduated from Google Labs and appears at their homepage (US site).

If "c" is entered, terms suggested by Google will appear as below. If you inspect the "suggested list", you can see that Google rank the terms by "popularity" instead of the number of returned results.
Google Alphabet, Malaysian Edition

Craigslist is the most popular search for "c", according to Google. What about "a", "b", "d" and so on? Interestingly, an US alphabet list has been made here, and a Japanese one here.

Since Google Suggest has not yet being implemented in Google Malaysia, I tried to check any existence of a Malaysian list through To my disappointment, the list is the same one with the US version.

Well, this prompted me to make an imaginery Malaysian alphabet list. Not really an imaginery but Malaysian companies (in red) which generate more search volumes locally compared to the US counterpart since 2004, according to Google Insights.

  • A = amazon ==> air asia (low cost airline)
  • B = bebo ==> bonuslink (loyalty card program)
  • C = craigslist ==> celcom (mobile carrier)
  • D = dictionary
  • E = ebay
  • F = facebook ==> friendster
  • G = gmail
  • H = hotmail
  • I = ikea ==> iphone
  • J = john lewis ==> jobstreet (recruitment portal)
  • K = kelly blue book ==> klia (international airport)
  • L = limewire ==> lelong (auction portal)
  • M = myspace
  • N = nbc olympics ==> nokia
  • O = olympics
  • P = photobucket ==> proton (national car)
  • Q = quotes
  • R = runescape ==> rhb (major bank)
  • S = sears ==> sony
  • T = target ==> the star (major newspaper)
  • U = utube ==> uitm (local university)
  • V = verizon wireless ==> video
  • W = wikipedia
  • X = xbox
  • Y = youtube ==> yahoo
  • Z = zip codes ==> zara

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