Book: The Principles of Beautiful Web Design

Unlike China, Japan or Korea with their own preference of web design principles, Malaysians generally don't really have one. We can easily adapt to an info-packed site like Lelong, or a Web 2.0's theme site like Tumpang. This might be due to our unique multi-racial community and English competency to be influenced by Western web design concepts.

If you are a web design beginner, this book is a must for you. If you are in web industry (be it project manager or techie), this might improve your work effectiveness with designers or customers. Some basics in HTML, CSS, Photoshop are welcomed, but not compulsory before reading this book.

The Principles of Beautiful Web Design

This book is distinctly divided into 5 chapters, namely layout, color, texture, typography and imagery. It is the typography section that caught my attention though:

  • Font family: serif VS sans-serif. Generally, it is recommended to use serif in headlines (bigger text) and sans-serif in body content (smaller text).
  • Have you ever consider whether the fonts on your web page work in every browsers? There are actually a set of "web-safe fonts" being advised and perhaps a workaround with sIFR.

I rate this book at 4/5.

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