Social Network Service (Part 2 of 3)

Although Malaysia's netizens are very used to bulletin board based service, but I am not going to include those here as they are not "full-fledged" SNS services and also there are too many around.

What is "full-fledged" SNS? In my definition, there are 2 criteria:

  • Encourage interactiveness between members.
  • User generated content - blog, photo, video etc.

Perhaps in the future, Malaysian preference of forums will evolve into a "full-fledged" SNS, something like the Korea's internet evolution.

In this episode, I am going to list down some of the local vertical SNS so far.

Food: Eatery2u


My two cents: Food search or listing will only lead to advertiser's content. Service owner should control the amount of advertiser's content, at least not trying to spam even in the comment area. Food ask is useful though.

Real Estate: Thinkproperty


My two cents: It still looks like a typical property site to me, just being enabled with blog, forum, feeds etc. Perhaps this kind of vertical need to be championed by group of experts and advertisers.

Sports: iGolf


My two cents: Online golf community currently still in beta phase. Not much content yet and perhaps it's a little bit too niche?

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