Book: The World is Flat

This is my first book review in this blog. I will try to cover more IT-related books in the future.

The World is Flat

This is quite a lengthy book about globalization, started with 10 world flattening forces:

  • 11/9/89 - The fall of Berlin Wall, followed by the rise of MS Windows.
  • 8/9/95 - Netscape went for IPO and the emergence of World Wide Web.
  • Work Flow Software - Transformation from offline to online workflow, for example
  • Uploading - Community-developed software (such as Apache and many other open source initiatives), blogging, Wikipedia etc.
  • Outsourcing - Started with the infamous "Y2K Bug", India took this opportunity to absorb more and more outsourced job especially from US.
  • Offshoring - After China joined the WTO, many companies shifted factories offshore to China which enhanced its attractiveness as a manufacturing platform.
  • Supply-Chaining - Wal-Mart's supply chain ecosystem enabled by technology is one of its most important success factors.
  • Insourcing - One of the famous example of insourcing is UPS doesn't just pick up and deliver laptop, they actually do repair the computers in its own workshop.
  • In-forming - No matter where or who you are, you have the same basic access to information, enabled by Google, Yahoo! and MSN Web Search.
  • The Steroids - Powers of computing, instant messaging & file sharing, VOIP, video conferencing and various wireless technologies.

Overall, this book is meant for Americans particularly on how to face upcoming forces in China and India. However, it did touch a little on Malaysia especially on Dell's supply-chaining in Penang. Quite an interesting read if you don't mind some American patriotism.

I rate this book at 4/5.

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