The Start of Internet Censorship in Malaysia?

Internet Censorship

I have read on rumours saying that Malaysia Today operated by Raja Petra Kamarudin has been censored by local authorities via TM Net.

Malaysians are (very) Horny?

I am quite sure that most of the Malaysia's netizens are awared of especially after the Edison Chen's photo scandal in February 2008. What I am not sure is the origin of the blogger, it seems that he/she is from US but he/she is quite equipped with "premium contents" from Asia namely Hong Kong, Singapore and Malaysia. You can even get Dr Chua's infamous act there.

This is the prove that Malaysians are very naughty, we are top of the list!

Book: The World is Flat

This is my first book review in this blog. I will try to cover more IT-related books in the future.

The World is Flat

This is quite a lengthy book about globalization, started with 10 world flattening forces:

Social Network Service (Part 3 of 3)

As the conclusion of this series, dare I say that we still do not have a very successful local (generic or vertical) SNS at this moment. But we do have decent special purpose SNS, like Blinklist, Nuffnang and Adverlets, as posted here.

Here, I would like to summarize three key success criteria of SNS:

  • Marketing strategies - viral marketing, SEO and various online and offline marketing.
  • Elegance of the service - localized, "killer app" to encourage return visits, first to market etc.
  • MONETIZATION - advertisements, affiliate programs, subscription, revenue-share on mobile service etc.

Social Network Service (Part 2 of 3)

Although Malaysia's netizens are very used to bulletin board based service, but I am not going to include those here as they are not "full-fledged" SNS services and also there are too many around.

What is "full-fledged" SNS? In my definition, there are 2 criteria:

  • Encourage interactiveness between members.
  • User generated content - blog, photo, video etc.

Social Network Service (Part 1 of 3)

Malaysians are pretty familiar with Friendster, Facebook, MySpace. Generally, teens hang out in Friendster, colleague students and working adults in Facebook, Malays in MySpace.

But, I am not sure whether many heard of our very own local providers:

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