Malaysia's Equivalents of Western Giants

Malaysia's netizens are used to Western (English) web services because there is no language barrier. May be this explains why there is not much local player in our internet scene. Well, that is a hopeful thought at least. Nevertheless, I am going to list down Malaysia's equivalents (or wannabes) of international web services.

General Web Services:

  • Google = Cari Malaysia?
  • Monster = Jobstreet
  • eBay = Lelong
  • Amazon = Acma Mall?
  • craigslist = Mudah?
Social Network Services:

  • Friendster, Facebook = FriendX / Ekawan / Emeimei, Mypal...
  • YouTube = Mangga TV, Lepak.TV
  • digg = Blinklist, Layann, RockYourVote, Innit
  • PayPerPost, AdSense? = Nuffnang, Adverlets
  • PageRank? = SocialRank
  • Threadless = Foldees
  • Twitter = Pacmee

Most of the services mentioned above are more like a localized version of the western giants, except for Nuffnang and Adverlets with their unique blog advertising model. Kudos to Blinklist and SocialRank as well, as they seems to be the first Malaysian (based company to be exact) to make it into international scene. Perhaps contributed by ex-Silicon Valleyer founders and their multi-national team?

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